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Case Study: YouTube Ad Increases Brand Awareness

The brand I was working on had a problem of low brand awareness and traffic to a specific landing page. Since the brand was relativity new, I suggested that we create a brand awareness campaign. Then, we could remarket to these audiences that show interest in the brand nurturing those leads. Also, creating a paid YouTube campaign will bring targeted users to the Christmas landing page during the hectic holiday season.


  • In collaboration with
    • Marketing Department
    • Graphics Department

Tools Used:

  • Google Data Studio
  • Google Analytics
    • Audience segmentation
  • Google Ads
    • Keyword Planner
  • Google Search Console

Problem: Low brand awareness and traffic to Christmas page

  • New brand
  • Busy holiday season (Q4)

Solution: Coordinate brand video and create YouTube advertising campaign

I choose this as a solution because I knew that YouTube had a much cheaper cost per impression compared to other platforms. This was a major factor during the holiday season when advertising costs rise. I wanted to target relevant videos in the niche ‘holiday toy’, and ‘best Christmas toys’ to get highly relevant traffic. I did some of the research using Google Keyword planner to get an idea of the traffic and competition of these terms. Also, since the brand had never tested this medium before I wanted to experiment with it.


  • 11,500 Impressions
  • 4,030 Video Views
  • 45% Increase in Traffic to Christmas Landing Page compared to all other traffic sources combined
  • 10% Increase in organic clicks to brand terms


Challenge 1: Propose campaign and determine details

This is the Data Studio presentation that I gave to the Marketing Director to acquire budget for the brand campaign. We decided on TrueView ads because they hit the majority of our key performance indicators. Using Google Analytics I segmented the website visitor demographics. From this analysis I saw that the majority were females between 25-44 years old.

To visualize the placements of the ads I showed example channels and various other possible placements. Furthermore, for targeting I choose employment to small employers(1-300). This was based on knowing this specific brand’s clientele. Also, this is how I determined the most relevant industries to target as hospitality, education and manufacturing. Being a business to business company, I choose business professional as my affinity audience. Party supplies & planning, event planning services was because most product sold are for events and entertainment.

Challenge 2: Coordinate first brand orientated video

Coordinating the video required to work with other departments including imports and graphics. We had a deadline to complete it before December 12th so that we could have relevancy to the Christmas topic. So, I had to explain the relevance and impact that this project would have have the bottom line.

When analyzing the success of a brand campaign I believe that impressions, traffic and organic search are key performance indicators. I determined the impressions and video views by checking the analytics in the native Google Ads platform. As for landing page traffic and organic click I utilized the Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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