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Display Ads Remarketing Increases Revenue

The sales of this Google Ads account primarily was as result of it ‘Brand’ terms campaign. There was no remarketing or display campaigns ever ran on the account. I saw a great opportunity for growth using the vast amount of data from the website visitors. In participial those users who have added to cart but did not convert. This segment was targeted because it’s high drop off rate in the sale funnel. The creation of the display remarketing campaign for this segment, became the highest return on ad spend campaign at 6780.52%.

Display Ads Revenue Data Studio Report
Display Remarketing Ad
Assisted Conversions


  • Return on ad spend(ROAS) of over 6780.52%
  • Engagement of 30,000 impression touch points of past abandoned carts
  • Assisted in 21 conversions for a value of $21,564



  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
    • Remarketing Audiences
  • Photoshop


  • Add to cart abandonment
  • High spend campaigns with low return on ad spend
  • No leverage of Google Analytics Remarketing audiences


  • Create Remarketing List for Abandon Carts Segment
  • Leverage Google Display Network to target visitors
  • A/B Test different creatives for highest converting ad groups

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