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Family Medical Home Increase Leads With Google Ads

As COVID-19 swept across the nation my primary care client knew how important telehealth was to the their patients. I leveraged the growing search volume on Google Ads for telehealth to be an early adopter in their local area. This lead to great success and a high volume of leads for this client. In this case study I will discuss the results, problem, solution and challenges.



  • Google Ads account not set up
  • No landing page to convert traffic
  • No call tracking solution


  • Built a highly targeted Google search campaign based on search terms and intent
  • Increased bids on observed audiences that covert the highest rate
  • Utilized Call Rail to record call to improve closing rate on leads
  • Implemented Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Set up Lead Pages to create landing pages and split tests

I created a massive copy library of responsive search ads to create optimization ad variations for the highest click through rate. In order to understand the lead quality and intent of searchers I installed Call Rail to record calls. Furthermore, I set up conversion tracking on landing pages to understand the return on investment of campaigns.


  • Creating a landing page offer that converted highly
  • Creating messaging that was on brand and was highly relevant to search intent
  • Getting the Target CPA to the profit amount


Being willing to invest into Google Ads and following a campaign organized structure will benefit your business highly. Be aware of trends in your market and what you customers needs are. Continuous testing your ads and landing pages are also a huge key to success. If you believe your campaigns need improving or set up contact us today!

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