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Google Ads Audit Improves Performance

Prior, to acquiring the Google Ads account from a third party agency, there were several struggles. These included, low conversions, click through rate (CTR), low quality traffic, and high cost per clicks (CPC). The agency did not quite understand that the company was business to business for small toy retailers. The search terms we were competing on were too consumer focused, leading to high bounce rates. I trimmed the fat, disabling several dozen keywords, doing keyword research for business terms and redrafted ad copy and created a negative keyword list. The result was higher CTR, lower cost, quality search terms and a high google quality score from this Google Ads audit.



  • Google Ads
    • Keyword Planner
    • Native Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Analytics


  • Low quality traffic
  • Low Click Through Rate


  • Rewrite ad copy
  • Do keyword research
  • Research brand value proposition
  • Pause low performing ads


  • Increased Click Through Rate 232%
  • Decreased Cost 42%
Line chart of CTR and Cost Relationship.


Challenge 1: Pausing low performing ads

When doing the Google Ads audit I knew that the first place that I wanted to look was the search terms report. I believe that this ultimately tells you the quality and value of you account. This is because if you have a high click through rate for terms irrelevant to your business it will fail. I saw several terms that were very broad and consumer oriented. I paused the keywords bringing up these terms, added a broad match modifier or added them to the negative search terms list.

Challenge 2: Conducting keyword research

When it came to doing keyword research for the Google Ads audit I utilized the Google Keyword Planner. I search the ‘Find New Keywords’ section of the tool using the term ‘wholesale toys’. I did this because I new from the data that words such as ‘wholesale’, and ‘bulk’ were what business oriented toy shoppers searched. Consequently, I saw the keyword ideas given by Google below and added the relevant words to my list. Now that I had my proper keywords it was time to structure ad copy around them!

Google Keyword Planner.

Challenge 3: Rewriting ads for the Google Ads audit

Finally, I began to formulate my ad copy. The process that I took was to make a spreadsheet of features and benefits for each ad group. I did research on the company core values as well as the benefits that business owners focus on. These include quality, price, fast shipping, dependability, and great customer service. Furthermore, I used the machine learning feature of Responsive Search ads. This assisted in my ad testing and improvement of CTR.

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