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Google Shopping Boosts Campaign Results

I inherited 2 brands spending about $7,000 a month in Google Ads. Although the parent brand’s account was doing well, the child company struggled. The account had very high cost per click and cost per conversion. I saw a great opportunity for the latter to improve with Google Shopping Ads with proper optimization. After the feed was set up properly the Google Shopping campaign outperformed the Search campaign by reducing cost per click & conversion by 56% & 84%.

My Role: Lead Digital Marketing Specialist

  • In Collaboration with
    • Marketing Department
    • Chief Financial Officer


  • Decreased cost per click by 56%
  • Decreased cost per conversion by 84%
Google Shopping Results Data
Google Shopping Results Data
Google Search Ads Results Data
Google Search Ads Results Data

Tools Used:

  • Google Ads
    • Google Shopping Ads
    • Keyword Planner
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Sheets


  • Need to lower cost per click, cost per conversion for Google Ads ecommerce campaign.


  • Integrate Google Shopping Campaign.
  • Determine optimal bid for each segment
  • Set a workflow for campaign management

I choose to create a Google Shopping campaign because historically their account had never tested this type of advertisement before. Also, I knew that searchers who click on product listing ads are inherently further down the funnel, in terms of intent. This is because they can view the item name, description, image and price prior to clicking.

Furthermore, I segmented the highest margin products and allocated a higher percentage of the budget for them. I determined this through Google Analytics historical conversion rate on the website and the margins on the products. In terms of management I made sure all product were active in the Google Merchant Center and gave weekly reports on product metrics.


Challenge 1: Propose a Google Shopping bid strategy to Chief Marketing Officer & Operation Manager

Bid Strategy Formula Example
Bid Strategy Formula Example

After my proposal they were satisfied with the thought process that was going into my strategy. I was given my budget to spend to improve the success of the account. Explaining this process to individuals who were not familiar with the platform help me gain a deeper understanding as well.

Google Shopping Account Structure
Google Shopping Account Structure

Challenge 2: Website that didn’t support automatic importing of Google Shopping

Google could not automatically import all the products because the current website was unsupported. I worked with my team to pick 60 preliminary products to use based on sales volumes and margin.

Then, I collaborated with my developer to create a supplemental feed that keep in stock items up to date using a python script. I manually created a spreadsheet with the products and the necessary labels.

Spreadsheet for Google Shopping Feed

Challenge 3: Had to coordinate with Chief Financial Officer on taxes duties and shipping

This involved the imports department and learning about the logistical inner workings of the company. This allowed me to get a more holistic view supply chain and to what extent my decisions affected that flow.

Over the period of October 11th to November 14th the Shopping Campaign out performed the search campaign.

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