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Paid Social Media & Email Increase Product Awareness

How would you market a toys on social media in a B2B environment? That is the problem I had to solve in this case study. Product awareness and confidence in market demand is very important for the customer’s end users. In order to increase product awareness I created a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit social media campaigns. Since we already had a large portion of our target market’s emails we decided to market to their end users to prove the toys popularity. Through market research I discovered an organically viral post of one of our products. Thus I decided to replicate it with another product in the line and promote it with paid media.


  • 33,382 Post engagements
  • Increased Product Sales



  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Twitter Ads Manager
  • Reddit Ads Manager
  • Google Analytics
  • Icontact


  • Lack of awareness in high potential products


  • Bring awareness to customers end users and show positive engagement on posts
  • Send email with posts directly to customers

Challenges : Targeting

Picking targeting for the highest engagement at the lowest cost per conversion on Facebook. In order to do this I targeted English speaking countries that are cheaper to get engagement from. These were countries such as India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. For Twitter I used a list a competitors and affinity audiences that would be most likely to enjoy our content. For Reddit I targeted sub Reddits that would be most likely to have high engagement with our meme product.


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