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Technical SEO Fixes Increase Organic Revenue

When a client’s new website was launched it became an issue that the faceted navigation structure had caused millions duplicate URLs! Furthermore, the pages were not considered mobile valid by Google. To fix these issues I implemented the URL Parameter Tool and consulted with the 3rd party web development team to get this fixed. The result was 6.37 million duplicate URLs excluded and over 1000 mobile valid pages added! Also a 92% increase in mobile traffic revenue.


Over 600k Index URLs On 4k Sitemap Website
  • 6.37 Million Duplicate URLs
  • No Mobile Valid URLs
    • Text too small
    • Content Too Wide


URL Parameter Tool
  • Implement URL Parameter Tools
  • Consulted with developers to make site mobile friendly


Increased SEO Revenue & Unique Purchases
  • 92% Increase in Organic Revenue
  • Only 4,000 site map URLs
  • 1000+ Mobile Friendly URLs
Current Index Of URLs


After the URL Parameter Tool implementation the valid pages went to the proper amount. This greatly increased the crawl budget of the website. This is especially important for this business which is consistently having new items added to the catalog.

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