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TGQ Marketing is featured! Daily Ad Brief's Charlene Chirk interviews Ted Giraitis-Quaye in this episode's Digital Champions. Ted shared his thoughts and insights about digital marketing, the challenges faced by clients, and the challenges faced by marketers in today's eCommerce space.

Charlene: Tell us what you are doing there at TGQ Marketing?

Ted: We primarily focus on helping Ecommerce owners scale via Google Ads, Google Analytics, and also via optimization on their product feeds. 

Charlene: So, give us an example of what you do. A typical eCommerce client and then how you get their products seen to the people who want to buy them. 

Ted: For example, say I have an eCommerce supplement brand, the first thing I would do is to get all their products onto a Google feed and Google Merchant Center. Once I have all their products there, I will then begin running shopping ads or paid traffic to get those products visible so whenever someone’s searching for a protein supplement or anything in that arena, we’re going to show up at the very top against your competitor. 

Charlene: That’s how you do it. So talk to me about the challenges when it comes to eCommerce? Cause this is not like trying to get somebody into brick and mortar store or get them to service and come into their home. This is, ‘we want you to buy this product by clicking this product here.’ 

Ted: Yeah, definitely. One of the biggest challenges with eCommerce is that people can’t actually touch the products so we really have to convey the benefits of the specific products digitally.

So, whether that’s showing up multiple times on different platforms may it be YouTube, Display, or Google Shopping. We have to be able to tell the customer and client that we need multiple touch points for someone’s Yes! We want to buy this! It’s perfect for me. 

Charlene: Touch me a little bit about what is your biggest challenges with your clients in getting those products sold. You know everybody wants to tell a great story but you’ve got to be able to know the product and the client in order to do that. What’s maybe the challenge you’ve got in communicating those priorities to your clients? 

Ted: Yea, definitely. One of the biggest problems with clients is that once you start working with us, they want to start right away. But the first thing we need is a solid foundation. So, what this foundation is we want to make sure that Google Analytics is set up. Every dollar we’re spending, we want to make sure where that’s going and then also the product data feed.

A lot of clients overlook this and they might just put in whatever they have in their Shopify stores, whatever platforms and just use that data, but we really have to focus and optimize this before we spend a single dollar or end up not as a profitable campaign. So, that’s one of the biggest challenges clients get. 

Charlene: Well, I’m going to turn the table on you and I’m going to ask you what’s the biggest obstacle you, as a marketer, faced in order to become successful and stay successful. 

Ted: I think it’s just constant information that’s changing and innovation in this industry. Everything from iOS to cookie updates or learning the newest types of platforms that Google, or Facebook, or YouTube is creating.

So, understanding the balance between shiny object syndrome and sticking to the fundamentals and basics of marketing is the biggest challenge for me. 

Charlene: Okay, but you say shiny objects, and now out comes TikTok, right? So, in your space, what are you watching, or keeping an eye on, or kind of hearing about that change in the digital marketing space that you want to make sure you’ve got on your radar and other folks should be paying attention to?

Ted: So, I would say Google Marketing Live just recently happened and they brought out a lot of different innovations. One of the biggest things on my mind is YouTube Shorts, being integrated into Google Performance Max.

This will be one of the biggest trends in short-form videos becoming more of an eCommerce and purchase kind of intent rather than it just for being peoples’ entertainment.  

Charlene: Alright, before I let you go, we got about 30-seconds left. What’s the best tip you could tell our viewers today? 

Ted: I would say my best tip is to know exactly who your customer is. I would go over a customer's personal profile and make sure all your marketing messaging, benefits, pain points, and obstacles they have when buying your product fits exactly in your messaging.

Without that, it doesn’t really matter what type of channel you’re using, or how good your analytics are, everything else focuses on that. 

Charlene: Ted, that is great advice. Thank you so much for making the time in joining us today in digital champions. 

Ted: Thank you so much, it’s my pleasure. 

Charlene: Now, if you like to learn more about Ted and what he’s doing over there at TGQ Marketing, he knows his stuff. You can start by checking him out at dailyadbrief.com. I’m Charlene Chirk that’s going to do it for this episode of Digital Champions we look forward to learning something new with your next time. 

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About the Author

Ted is the founder of TGQ Marketing a PPC, Analytics and CRO agency focused on client results.