Google Shopping Ads: A/B Split Testing (2022)


A/B or otherwise known as the split test is how you determine the variation of the online experience that performs best for your users. It then helps you make decisions that bring a positive impact to the business. This isn’t a short-term solution since it enables entrepreneurs to create plans and strategies for the future. 

Google Shopping Ads

When doing Shopping Campaign experiments, what you need to do is to go to your Google Ads account and go to campaigns → select the shopping campaign that you like to experiment on → click the campaign and scroll down to settings (refer to figure 1) → test the ROAS (refer to figure 2). 

Set the start date and the end date. Often, a 30-day experiment is most effective. Set the experiment split to 50% and the target ROAS to 196%, which is recommended. You can change the target ROAS depending on how aggressive you want it to be. A higher target ROAS gets more efficient results. Click create and your split test begins. 

When Google does split tests, it makes sure that there’s no seasonality. It is split evenly to avoid any fluctuations in the data. Also, it’s best to do the split test if you made any conversions in the last 15 days because Google won’t have enough data to test without conversions. 

Figure 1. Shopping Campaign Settings

Figure 2. Prompt for target ROAS

What is A/B Testing?

There is always a hypothesis or question before doing a split test. For our example below, the hypothesis is that the target ROAS is 1,600 from where it was at 1,800 before will improve efficiency in the account for increased profitability. 

Smart Shopping Testing

Smart Shopping is just a type of campaign within Google Ads where it automates bidding optimized products to get the advertiser’s target ROAS.

What to do?

To start, simply click on Labels on the button left. Note that this option isn’t always available to all Google Ads accounts. It’s only often available if you’ve spent a specific amount of dollars. 

Once in the Labs, click on the Experiments for Smart Shopping Campaigns. This is a critical tool you can use to grow your business. It’s one of the volatile types of automated campaigns and is only applicable if you have ample data. Therefore, it is very data-driven and results can impact your decision-making process for your marketing strategies going forward. 

Google Search Campaign Experiment

Search Ads is one of the most common features of Google Ads. It allows you to put your website listing at the top of search results and thus, get more traffic to y our website. 

To do a search campaign experiment, follow the guide below: 

Go to drafts & experiments → campaign drafts → tap the + button → type in the name of the campaign → put a description of your campaign and then click Save. Edit, update, and save your campaign accordingly.

Summin' it Up!

If you are an entrepreneur and a retailer and you're not doing Google Ads yet, then you're losing quite the audience. Let me rephrase that, you are losing a massive audience! With Google Ads, you can get better leads, create retail-centric campaigns, and test out data. The split test is just one of the many tests you can do in Google Ads.

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