Google Ads Increase Law Firm's Leads


Are you looking to increase your business even during a pandemic? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic my family law firm client suspected that an increase on divorce inquires would occur. To capture this suspected demand I created a Google Ads prospecting campaign with a Facebook Ads remarketing funnel in the back-end. In this case study I will show the results, proposal, problem, solution and challenges.


  • Converted 9 leads directly from Google Ads Average client over $1500+
  • Increased landing page visitors 130%
  • Gained over 16,000 (605%+) impressions in target demographic & search intent

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Book A Consultation Campaign

10 Divorce Mistakes Campaign

This campaign was to target users who were interested in learning more about divorce but we're ready to call a lawyer immediately.

Landing Page

This is the landing page that we would send traffic to in order for them to set up a consultation.


  • No Google Ads account set up to capture search demand
  • No Facebook Ads creative to properly remarket to landing page visitors
  • Little understanding of demographics & psychographics of customer personas


  • Created a highly targeted Google Search ads campaign for the target location and personas
  • Made Facebook Ad creatives for each persona
  • Set up conversion tracking on landing pages and for paid media channels
  • Analyzed search terms report to understand how users finding our advertisements


  • Optimizing bidding for against competitors to maintain a high search impression share
  • Keeping highly relevant copy for high click through rates
  • Getting landing page visitors back into the funnel


In conclusion using highly targeted advertisements on Google to speak to our target customer resulted in great click through rates. On top of having an attractive landing page with a relevant offer to their pain points helped this campaign be successful. Reengaging users into our funnel using Facebook Ads enabled their to be no wasted ad spend as well! Contact us today to learn how we could help your business generate more revenue.


About the Author

Ted is the founder of TGQ Marketing a PPC, Analytics and CRO agency focused on client results.