Google Ads Audit (Part 1 Tutorial 2022) 

Google Ads Audit Overview:

Staying on track and focused with ad campaigns is a no-brainer using weekly Google Ads Audits.


An audit is an ideal way of keeping tabs on Google campaigns and ads. It also lets the client in on how their campaigns are performing. After reviewing all the relevant data, we can figure out what should be tweaked or changed.


I’m going to start this tutorial with the Audit Overview.

Google Ads Audit Overview

First, we're going to make a copy of this entire presentation and enter the client’s name.

Here is the template report that we use to review client accounts, then we use it to make a recommendations analysis as well as any general strategy changes.


I’m going to run through every aspect of the account including tutorials on each individual module, so it can be referenced in the future.

Google Ads Audit Overview Template
Google Ads Audit Overview template

Input the name of the client account and the date range. In my example, there are two weeks of data.

The first part of this audit is the overview. This is an important part because it gives the client a general impression of the final summary or report.


Google Ads Audit Overview
Google Ads Audit overview

It contains two separate areas.

This overview page will display conversions, top campaigns as well as a small description analysis at the bottom.

Also, after this analysis, we’ll have another overview section.


This will be our written overview page which will include ads, landing pages, and next steps. That will follow the initial analysis.

Google Ads Audit Overview
Google Ads Audit overview

But the first part of the overview involves evaluating the conversion rate and cost-per-click (CPC) to the campaigns. Then we have device breakdown.

The easiest way to retrieve this information is from the overview report (pictured above).

It uses the same report template for all clients. We may add extra slides or remove slides depending on the client, but the template I offer is going to have everything needed. Data can be taken from Google Ads and Google Analytics and placed into Data Studio.

Overview Report Set Up

Google Ads Audit Overview

1. Go into the date range located in the upper right-hand corner and select the appropriate range. It shows a condensed overview of the client’s account. It’s best to screenshot these (data boxes) and then make the analysis and breakdown. Write it down for the client to reference. It’s a two-pronged approach – painting a picture for myself as well as the client.

Google Ads Audit Overview

2.   Screenshot and copy the Conversions segment of the report. Paste it into the Overview analysis page. It’s one of the main ways of determining cash performance.

3.      Grab the Top campaigns next. If there is an ad group in there, remove it. Ensure the date range is correct.

So, there are two different types of analysis happening. This is our first graph overview page

Google Ads Audit Overview

4.      Here we can say “no conversions the last 14 days. Costs are increasing. The landing page is not converting.” That’s something I know from assessing the account. We want to review the data and clearly interpret it.

Remember, it’s an overview – a general statement of how the client’s account is performing. If it’s already clear why a segment is showing certain directions, state those reasons here. When it’s time to speak with the client, it can be discussed in further detail.

Google Ads Audit Overview

Under Top Campaigns, we can say the “phrase match version campaign is getting the majority of clicks - 24. Followed by the Alpha campaign. Most of the traffic is coming from marketing for accountant search terms. The video campaign has 18 clicks."

Bold any metrics. Look at how the account is structured. Usually, it’s an account I made or it’s an audited account.

5. Now let's look at the second overview section. We’ll do the same process by copying and pasting the CPC.

Make sure the date range is correct. I wrote “the average cost-per-click has increased 272 percent. The last two weeks of cost was $475." Additional information can be added here.

Google Ads Audit Overview
Google Ads Audit Overview

6. Finally, go to Device breakdown. Copy and paste it into the Overview Analysis page. We can see it’s a fairly even breakdown between desktop and computers.

I relay that to the client as “40 percent traffic coming from computers and 40 percent mobile. This is much higher desktop traffic could mean more business professionals. The costs are split 80 percent between these two devices.”

And that is the overview portion of this Google Ads Audit framework. Part two will look at Campaign Performance.

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