Google Tag Manager Form Submission Tracking (GA4)


Form tracking is one of the most talked-about topics among marketers. In this video tutorial, Ted talks about two of the most common methods of form tracking via Google Tag Manager. There are several kinds of forms. Some forms are CTAs, others direct site visitors to a thank you page. The challenge is tracking all these kinds of submission forms. 

Basically, every interaction you want to track in your backend needs a tag and trigger. This means that if you want to track form submissions with Google Analytics 4, you’ll need to create a Google Analytics Tag and Trigger. 

Method 1: Element Visibility Trigger

Once you see that the form is submitted, right-click on it and click inspect.

Creating Triggers

Follow the steps below:

  • 1. Click on the highlighted part
  • 2. Click the copy the JS path. This is an easier method than any other method.
  • 3. Once done, go to your Tag Manager to create Triggers.
  • 4. Paste that copied CSS (as seen in Image 2) in the element selector.
  • 5. Click the once per page. Make sure to check the observe the DOM changes. Failure to do so means that any changes made in Tag Manager won’t load. 

Creating Tags

Proceed to Tags and then follow the guide: 

  • Press the New button, name your Tag depending on the form you want to track. 
  • In the Tag Configuration, choose the Google Analytics [GA4 Event]
  • In the Configuration Tag area, choose your configuration tag [i.e None: Manually Set ID]. 
  • Paste your Measurement ID. You can grab it from your GA4 account and go to the Admin area → setup assistant → Tag installation → Click the Data streams → to get the measurement ID. 
  • In the Event name, put in the test form that you’re creating. 
  • The next step is to go to the Trigger and choose the one you previously created. In this case, the contact submission form, then click on Save

Test it!

  • Go back to your GMT dash and click on Preview. 
  • Fill in the form, in this case the contact form, and submit it. 
  • Check if Google Analytics Tag fired. If so, then you’re good to go!

Method 2: The URL Method

For this method, follow the guide below:

  • Press the New button
  • Use the ending URL for the trigger name [i.e /thank-you submit]
  • For the Tag Configuration, click and choose Page View → Some page views → Page URL 
  • Click Save.

For the Tag, do the following: 

  • Click New and name the tag [i.e Contact Form Submit]
  • For Tag Configuration, click on Google Analytics: GA4 Event 
  • Then, Manually Set ID, and grab the Measurement ID. 
  • Type in the Event name [Thank you_page]
  • Click Trigger and click the newly created trigger [/thank-you submit] 
  • Click Save.

And, that’s basically it. These are the two easy methods for creating tags and triggers for your submission forms. Make sure to check the tags after creating them by previewing them and submitting the forms on your website. If they all fired, it means that all the tags and triggers work. 

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