Google Ads Conversion Tracking: Get Rid of Window Shoppers (3 minutes) Lead Gen Case Study

Strategy Overview:

Did you know you can increase your clients’ conversions and leads significantly in just five minutes? It’s also possible to reduce the number of window shoppers and time wasters.

Keep reading to learn how TGQ Host Ted changes the settings in Google Ads’ backend to help clients optimize leads and conversions – not just for page viewers.

One Small Change

A big issue for many Google ad users is the “primary” tool. There will also be a “secondary” conversion action. It may seem complicated, but it really isn’t.

You just click to edit goals when you’re trying to optimize your store. It allows you to optimize or make a feature primary or secondary. That changes depending on whether Google uses this as an observation audience – you can see how many viewers visit a page or read a blog and the amount of time they spend on that page or blog.

That’s when you would choose to use it as an observation since you don’t want Google to recognize those window shoppers. But you do want Google to optimize for customers who are actually buying or becoming leads for your business. It will ultimately bring you the highest value possible because you’re getting those strong potential customers.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking.Summary

Stop the Conversion of Page Views

When a client like this has multiple primary actions that were just page views, you can switch them to secondary.

This stops Google from recognizing them as conversions, which gives them value. It also stops the skewing of the algorithm which just ends up optimizing for more page views or false hits. That small shift can send your conversions skyrocketing over 100 percent and cut page view conversions so you’re only spending time on actual leads that generate business.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking.Summary.Page views

Watch the Meter Rise on Conversions

Implementing this small change has shown to increase conversion for some client campaigns by as much as 200 percent. One particular client experienced a 100 percent drop in page views. Sometimes you will see a fluctuation in conversions due to Google having to relearn who the conversion person is.

Each click is unique. So, for example, an action like “add to cart;” it’s better to get more converters that have larger add-to-cart average order values.

Add to Cart.Google Ads Conversion

Happy Clients

It’s worth it to take this simple step. Your clients will thank you when they see their campaigns improve up to 700 percent.

Happy Clients.Google Ads Conversion

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