Google Ads Case Study: Lead Generation B2B


There’s a strategic way to fuel more leads for your business and I’m going to show you how I do it.


Not only did I generate more than 30,000 leads, but I also reduced the cost per lead by $50 for my client.


I’ll break it down into problems I encountered and the solutions that fixed them:

  • Problem 1: Budget pacing issue
  • Problem 2: Cost per lead
  • Problem 3: Reporting
Lead Generation.All Campaigns

Over an eight-month period, from January through August, I created over 36,000 leads while reducing the cost per lead by $54. I also brought in over 300,000 clicks and spent $664,000.


This was the result of an abundance of testing in lead generation for this account.

Lead Generation B2B

If we remove the clicks from the cost when I began around February, the leads were quite a bit lower. Then, as I managed the account and began my strategy, there was a noticeable increase in leads while reducing costs.

Problem 1: Budget Pacing

All Campaigns.Budget Pacing

The first problem I had to manage was the high cost per lead. Conversions weren’t happening for the client and the spend was about $400,000. We couldn’t scale; we couldn’t get enough clicks because the cost per lead was much too high.

Also, a significant amount of money was being spent and the client had a foot in several different markets in the United States with each market having its own budget. This led to constant under or overspending. It was hard to track whether the client was on target.

The Office meme.Cut Budget.All Work

So, I needed to figure out the client’s budget pacing issue. Why was the client under or over-pacing every month?

Solution: Budget Spreadsheet

Budget spreadsheet

The spreadsheet I created included every market as seen in Column D along with individual budgets in Column E.

Then using Formula I was able to paste in the budget so I could see how much of the month was complete and how much of the budget was spent.

Budget Spreadsheet.Formula
Column H.Budget Spreadsheet

Column H tells me what percentage was over or underspending, while Column I shows the daily target, so I could update the Google Ads campaign accordingly.

I did this for Google, LinkedIn and Facebook ads for all the necessary markets,

Monthly Spend.Budget Spreadsheet

each spending about $88,000 per month for Google,

and almost $40,000 for LinkedIn and Facebook..

Budget Spreadsheet.Spend

This budget spreadsheet ultimately helped our confidence level in scaling up and scaling the budget, plus solve the problem of over and under pacing.

Problem 2: Cost per Lead

Why was the cost per lead so high?

Solution: Performance Max

Performance Max

I decided to test a new campaign type when it just released called Performance Max.

Phone Calls.Performance Max

This campaign type allowed me and the client to utilize cheaper phone calls.

Form Fills.Performance Max

It allowed form fills.

Store Visits.Performance Max

And it allowed store visits which were extremely important for this client.

Asset Group.Performance Max

I was able to achieve this by testing different asset groups within Performance Max.

InMarket Asset Group.Performance Max

The main audiences were in In-Market asset group, a competitor’s, and then a keywords asset group.

These three allowed us to spend our budget efficiently, while not having to be on the search network at all times, which was initially, expensive for this client.

This allowed us to scale and acquire inexpensive qualified leads.

Problem 3: Analysis of operation

What was working and not working during this new strategy?

Solution:  Weekly Report

Weekly Ads Report
Weekly Ads Report

I would send over a weekly report to the C-suite executives showing the summary of the account.

Ads Report.Conversion Rate and Cost

It revealed the conversions the client received week-over-week, the engagement on the ads,

Weekly Ads Report.Performance Max

and how Performance Max was working.

And then it highlighted the various tests – whether they were on dynamic search ads, Facebook ads or LinkedIn, as well as others.


Testing.Weekly Ads report

Final Thoughts

Using the solution of budget pacing, and Performance Max to test and produce a weekly report allowed us to be more confident in what was working for this client. It also allowed us to scale while helping my me and my client attain tremendous results.



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