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Hi. My name is Ted from TGQ Marketing. In the next 15 minutes, I will explain to you how to make a party bus marketing plan without wasting 29-plus hours in $1,900-plus made for 2021. Super excited for this one.

So my goal for this presentation is that if you already have a business, you'll be able to strategize and pivot to make this your new strategy so you can stop some of the bleeding and the wasted spend that you have in your current strategy, which is why you're watching this video. If you don't have a business yet, then this will help you strategize and create and understand the concept of having a funnel in using Google Ads in order to generate leads. And finally, if you stay until the end, I have a special offer.

So first, I'll give you the secret that 99% of party bus marketers and agencies aren't using on their ads specifically for 2021, and a free bonus from TGQ Marketing to help you create your own funnel from the strategies that I'm going to be speaking about in this video. This is going to be super awesome and value-packed. So for your own sake, I want you to give your full attention. I want you to be doing taking notes. What I don't want you to be doing is going on in your phone and Twitter and whatnot. This is not going to allow you to get the most value out of this presentation and the value out of your very important time. So without further ado, let's hop in.

Marketing Presentation Introduction

So a little bit about me, I'm Ted Giraitis-Quaye. I've been doing digital marketing for five years for large brands and in-house agencies. I'm certified. That's my handsome mug. While I was in college, I ran a dropshipping e-commerce store. And when I got my first job, I realized a lot of these companies weren't using funnels to actually drive leads and they were using Google Ads all wrong. So as I started to work in different industries for different agencies, I started to see a pattern that worked across all industries, which was sales funnels and Google Ads, and have them be super targeted. And you can see some of the results I've gotten for clients and a sales funnel example of leads coming in and sales coming out.

So I wondered what industry that I'm both passionate about that I could work in, where I'd always want to work with the people and I'd want to use my skills I've generated in other industries to really scale, and with the conclusion I came to was party bus rentals. I'm super passionate about this industry. I have a lot of friends that work in the industry. I've helped them and have a lot of skills in digital marketing. So these things I'll be talking about in the presentation can work and are applicable in any geographic area regardless of the city size.

So I just want you to take a quick second and imagine your life and what it would look like when you have a party bus strategy, where you're getting more leads and having less wasted time. Really imagine this in the value and the benefits that you can get out of this without trying to figure it out by yourself while you're trying to run a business and focus more on the benefits you could have by following the strategy. All right, awesome.

Secret #1: Party Bus Marketing Quiz

So now, I'm going to talk about the three secrets that will be in this presentation. Secret number one, why creating 60-second video quizzes can make your customers qualify themselves to you. So you don't have to hard sell them on maybe creating a lead magnet or an e-book or a checklist or begging for them to hurry up and just give your phone so you can call them and get them a sales call and creating quizzes will help you do this. Secret number two, how to get people begging for your party buses into those quizzes. So after you have this quiz funnel, you want to get the most relevant-targeted traffic that will be cheaper directly into your funnel. And last but not least, how to turn one-time visitors to these funnels into raving fans of your brand automatically.

So if that sounds awesome, stay tuned and we'll go over each one of these. Secret number one. First, a quote, "Everybody loves sport and everybody loves a quiz," Sue Barker. I think this quote is great because quizzes are very interactive and fun. It's how people like sports, they like to engage. You can think of the same psychology when you have a quiz. And now, a little bit about quizzes. So one of the benefits of quizzes that many marketers have tested was the engagement rates on quizzes versus just having a standard, long, lead contact form at the end of your article or whatnot, is that there's much higher engagement on these quizzes and interactive formats. And the far majority of marketers agree, that are professionals. Over 46% know that quizzes have outperformed any other lead generation. So this is why it's very important to test quizzes in your funnel.

Now, we're looking at different quizzes in the left here. This is a good example of a quiz style that you'll want to use for your party bus business, different quizzes on different aspects, whether it's a wine tour or prom or a bachelor party. You want to have different fun quizzes that, one, get information from your clients so that you can learn more from them and qualify them and send them to your right product.

And then on the right here is an example of a quiz that you don't want to do because you can see this is in a different language and it might as well be with your prospects because this is too much information, too much at once. It's like asking when you're going on a date, "Hey, let's get married." It's too much in the front. It's better to learn more about them, ask them, "Oh, so where are you going for your party bus, or how many people are coming with you? Oh, cool. What's your favorite type of music on the party bus?" These fun quizzes are much more interactive so you can get more engagement and more leads this way rather than having a long form for your lead magnet or whatever it is.

So step one, you want to write down your quiz questions and create your layout. For background, fun questions and then a budget question. So for the background questions, they can be things such as, "Oh, is this a bachelor party, or is this for a prom, or is this for a wine tour?" This could be a very simple background question you can ask. You can customize it to your business. You can get really creative with it. You can really put these people in three different segments. You can have different offers or landing pages for each one of these. If it's a bachelor party, you give them a discount for groups. Or if it's a prom, you give them school discounts or some type of cross-promotion. Or if it's a wine tour, you give them wine glasses to go along. Something here will help you segment your users very easily.

So example of a fun question, it could be like, "Would you describe yourself as the DJ, bartender, or chaperone while on the party bus?" This can be fun and it diverts the quiz from being an interrogation and more of like you learning more about the people. And later on, when I talk about email and remarketing, you can use this in your email list talking about the best types of aux cords on a party bus since they're DJs or the best mixing classes before you go on a party bus, or how to keep party buses safe and make sure that your friends don't over-drink, if they want to be a chaperone. If it's a wine tour, maybe stuff like, "What's your favorite type of wine, red or white? Or who would be one celebrity you'd want to bring on the tour?"

And then finally, you want to get to more logistical questions like their budget, dates they want to travel, and best contact information, whether it's email or phone number. And this is where you can use this data to upsell them or downsell them on different packages depending on their budget and if they're even worth reaching out to.

Secret #2: Google Ads For Party Buses

All right, secret number two, how to get people begging for party buses into those quizzes. So what I used to do was I'd run Facebook Ads to competitors fans' websites of nightclubs or party buses in my state or region. I just target people in the geographic area or I just target people that were interested in fun. Actually, anybody that had a heartbeat. This was my Facebook ad strategy back in the day.

But now, there's a new way. I drive qualified traffic with Google Ads. These people are actively looking for your product right now, right this second as we're talking. These are hot leads, people that want your service, you're not interrupting them. And when you're targeting more broad terms such as party bus, where you're very comfortable with getting this traffic because you have an awesome quiz that can segment them and send them to the best offer, you can get cheap clicks as well. And here's an example in my area, Fort Lauderdale, of a person following the Google search ads strategy. But you want to make sure you're following the search ad strategy, but you want to have the quiz funnel as well to do the best overall because you don't know if this party bus people are going on a bachelorette or a wine tour or whatnot if they're not putting it in their search.

Secret #3: Remarketing & Email For Party Buses

All right, secret number three, how to turn one-time visitors into raving fans about your brand automatically. So strategy number one is to use remarketing ads. These are ads that go on websites, that people had visited your funnel will now see on their phones whether on the New York Times or or wherever they are or an app. These are great because they're small budget-friendly. You can do less than $10 a day and get a good remarketing list so people can see you. This is very relevant traffic that has already been to your site. So this is great and you seem like omnipresent. You'll notice a lot of people will be like, "Oh, you're everywhere." Your brand will seem bigger than it really is because you have such a targeted traffic. And you can set up these automatically so that when people visit, they're put into a list on YouTube and Google Display Network so they're always coming back into your funnel and they become bigger fans of you. You can even have lists of past converters so when the season comes back in, you can just target these people directly.

And now, email marketing, strategy two. This is super powerful because once you get people on your email list, they fill out the quiz and they put in their email to get their results. This is traffic now you control. So even if Google or Facebook blows up, you can still target these people and then use other advertising platforms like TikToK or whatever it is, but this is most important. Email marketing is you control, it's all profit. You can sell past customers upgrades or promotions. You can gain lost revenue. So if you had to pay $10 to get customers on the list and they don't book now, you can make up revenue by getting them to book later on like six months from now. And you can do this automatically by setting up automatic email flows in your funnel so that people can come back and get you. This is a very important strategy to understand as you create your new marketing strategy for your party bus company.

All right. Now, the secret that 99% of party bus marketers and agencies aren't using on their ads are leveraging the power of search and images. So this is a brand-new extension that Google has where if you go on a Google search result, you'll sometimes see text ads and then you'll see shopping ads. But now, they're bringing them together. You don't need a shopping campaign to show up an image next to your product or service. Now, you can just do search ads and add an image of one of your buses or an image of your staff or show first. So this is a super new extension that I'm not seeing anybody leverage properly and this could get you much cheaper clicks, much more awareness on search when people are looking. And this is a key thing to test that you should do right now that will increase your ads by two-fold, because I've tested it. This is a very important tip for 2021 that's working right now.

All right, so just to give a quick recap on all the things we've gone through. This is like a fire hose. But today, we've gone through quiz funnels, how to create funnels, what kinds of questions to put in them that will give people the feeling of an interactive, fun party bus type of vibe, but will also qualify themselves and give you information and get their emails all at once, leveraging Google search traffic instead of targeting on Facebook or whatnot, and just getting people when they're at the top of the funnel, hot leads and searching right now is the one traffic source you really need to optimize and focus. And then, leveraging email and Google remarketing. Once you pay for these clicks, you want to make sure that they convert eventually. And you want to do this automatically in a systemized way where you can scale and grow your business and understand your customer lifetime value. And you've got your secret tip that agencies aren't using and a lot of party bus marketers aren't using now that you can leverage and quickly beat your competition in the next day if you add it properly.

Digital Marketing Agency Offer

So for finishing this video, I want to give people that took their time, invested their time this one-time special offer from myself and TGQ Marketing. This is what you're going to get. A survey funnel, $500 value, of creating the quiz. The survey funnel from people coming into your funnel, making it from the questions, the software that runs it, and that gets sent to your email. $500 value. A Google search campaign optimized for party bus companies with the best keywords, the best ad group structure, everything that you don't have to waste your time or your money trying to test, that's already proven, that TGQ Marketing can make. This is a $997 value. And then a Google Ads remarketing and email funnel consultation. This is a $497 value. So the total value of $1,991.

But today, you're going to get it for free because I'm not going to charge you for taking your time. You can hop on a consultation call with me today so that we can go over your business, what your target clients, how we can use Google search and funnels and quizzes to get you the best qualified leads at the cheapest cost. So you can go down to the description and book a call, or you can just leave a comment asking what do you think the best types of quiz funnels or questions to ask your customers would be, and I'll answer any comments. You can reach out to me there. Leave a like and subscribe because I'm going to be pushing out more content on this topic. Super passionate about this and helping businesses like yours really scale and become more profitable.

All right, thank you. Let me know if you have any questions. Like I said, reach out for this one-time offer. This is hugely valuable for businesses just like yours, party bus companies. So thank you and have a good rest of your day.

Ted Giraitis-Quaye

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Ted is the founder of TGQ Marketing a PPC, Analytics and CRO agency focused on client results.