Top Tips to Party Bus Marketing Plan (2021)


In this article, we'll talk about how to make a party bus marketing plan without wasting too much time and money. The goal here is to help entrepreneurs do the following:

  • Strategize and pivot their marketing strategies
  • Avoid the pitfalls of spending too much time and money
  • Understand how to use Google Ads to generate leads

Let's dive into the three top tips to making a party bus marketing plan.

Tip #1: 60-second Video Quiz

“Everybody loves sport and everybody loves a quiz,” says Sue Baker. It’s not surprising since both these activities engage people, they are interactive and force people to have fun. 

Quizzes are a great way to increase engagement rates. Marketers compared the engagement rates of quizzes to that of long lead contact forms. Results show that quizzes and other interactive formats have far higher engagement rates. Over 46% of marketers acknowledge that quizzes outperform any other lead generation strategies.

The Right Quiz

However, what kind of quiz should you put out? The answer depends. Remember that the goal of your quiz isn’t just to entertain. Your quizzes should enable you to learn more about your clients, gather information from them, qualify them, and send them the right product they need.  

Example questions are: 

  • What’s your favorite music to play on the party bus? 
  • Name the first party music ever composed
  • How many people are coming with you? 

Visitors can just click their answers instead of reading a long-form questionnaire for your lead magnet. Get the information you want with fun and interactive quizzes to increase engagement and get more leads. 

Creating Your Quiz

Here are a few simple ways in making your fun 60-second quiz. Write down your quiz questions and create the layout. Choose a fun background and budget questions. 


  • Is this for a prom party? A bachelor party? A wine tour? 
  • Would you describe yourself as the DJ, bartender, or chaperone on the party bus? 
  • What’s your favorite type of wine, red or white? 
  • Who would be one celebrity you’d want to bring on the tour? 

Secret #2: Google Ads For Party Buses

Another tip is to drive qualified traffic via Google Ads. These are people who are actively looking for products right now. They are considered hot leads, people who want and need your services. You’re in no way interrupting them. You can then segment your leads to give them the best offer. 

Secret #3: Remarketing & Email For Party Buses

The next tips are to use remarketing and email marketing to turn one-time visitors into raving fans of your brand.

Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing or retargeting is a method of serving ads across the internet to people who visited your website. It’s how you follow people wherever they are on the internet.

You remind them of your products and brand via the ads on whatever platform they are at any given time. It makes your brand bigger than it is. With them seeing you everywhere, it gives off the impression that your brand reaches so many people.

Email Marketing

Another one is email marketing, a powerful strategy to use with the emails you have in your list. This is a traffic source you can control.

It is a form marketing that allows you to remind or inform your customer of your new product launches, and discounts, among other things. It’s also a good way to educate and nurture your leads to keep them engage in between purchases. There are several email marketing tools available in the market today. It’s best to understand what each platform offers before diving into subscribing into one.

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